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We're proud to be your premier source for high-quality hair extensions in Surrey, British Columbia. We understand that your hair is an integral part of your identity, and we're here to help you enhance and elevate your natural beauty with our exquisite range of premium hair extensions.  Beautico is your go-to destination for the finest hair extensions that seamlessly blend with your natural hair. Our mission is to empower you to express your unique style and personality, with a wide selection of premium hair extension options that meet the highest standards of quality.

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Hair extensions have become all the rage for those who want to length without spending years trying to achieve natural growth.


If your hair is feeling thin and lifeless? You can easily add volume with hair extensions which can thicken your natural hair texture, creating beautiful bouncy curls or the ultimate voluminous natural waves!


Obtain beautiful, chemical-free hair color by utilizing hair extensions! If you're aiming for the latest color trends, experiment with a splash of vibrant hues.

Ethically Sourced, Premium Hair

These extensions are made from high-grade, natural hair that has been collected and processed under responsible and ethical practices. The sourcing ensures that the hair maintains its health and strength, resulting in extensions that are silky, lustrous, and durable.

Seamless Integration

Luxury hair extensions are expertly crafted to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. This includes precise color matching, texture replication, and a meticulous construction that makes it virtually impossible to distinguish the extensions from your own hair.

Longevity and Versatility

High-quality luxury hair extensions are an investment, and they're designed to last. These extensions are durable, able to withstand heat styling, color treatments, and daily wear without losing their integrity. They offer versatility in terms of styling, allowing you to curl, straighten, or style them as you would with your natural hair. 




Embrace your natural beauty with premium 100% human hair extensions by Beautico.

Our certified technician is ready to provide you with a transformative salon experience. Don't wait to feel and look your best - Call us now to schedule your appointment at Beautico and let us amplify your confidence and style!


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